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What Is Gender Partnership?

It’s when every member of your team works productively with every other member, regardless of gender. Men and women learn from and leverage each other’s special skills and talents. Creativity, productivity, and decision-making are no longer hobbled by miscommunication, misunderstandings, or unconscious bias. More information.  

“For me, this was one of those rare worthwhile programs which offered
just-in-time learning and provided support for ongoing practice
in fostering the full contribution of my female colleagues.”

—Fortune 20 Executive on the Partners Leading Change program, 2015


We Deliver Results


NEW! Leadership Strategies for Effective Allyship

Rayona shares how being an ally can have a lasting impact, especially when allies implement the 3 P’s: Push, Promote and Protect. “In today’s world, allies need to really pour on the attention and have a weekly conversation, be diligent and authentic.” (18 min.)

Gender Partnership Produces Surprising Amounts of Happiness All Around

IGP’s scholar-cum-best-selling-author, Dr. Michael Kimmel, delivered a TED talk in June 2015 in which he pointed out the five ways that gender equity will make men (and women) happier, healthier, and more sexually satisfied. As well as being better fathers. And he did it with his usual panache and humor! 15 minutes.

To read the transcript of Dr. Kimmel’s talk.















Try Out Michael’s Mind-Openers
  • “Privilege is invisible to those who have it.”
  • “Without confronting men’s sense of entitlement, I don’t think we’ll ever understand why so many men resist gender equality.”
  • “Gender equality is good for countries. It turns out, according to most studies, that those countries that are the most gender equal are also the countries that score highest on the happiness scale.”
  • “The more gender-equal companies are, the better it is for workers, the happier their labor force is. They have lower job turnover and an easier time recruiting.”
  • “Younger men today expect to be able to balance work and family with their partners. They want to be involved fathers.”
  • “When men share housework and childcare, their children do better in school. Their children have lower rates of absenteeism, higher rates of achievement.”
  • “When men share housework and childcare, they have more sex.”
  • “We know now that gender equality is in the interest of countries, of companies, and of men and their children and their partners, that gender equality is not a zero-sum game. It’s not a win-lose. It is a win-win for everyone.”


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IGP's sister organization, the Institute for Women's Leadership, was founded 25 years ago by Rayona Sharpnack and has taught over 20,000 men and women how to become exceptional leaders. Today they offer a range of programs on Leading by Context™, including their flagship program, Women Leading Change, out of which our Partners Leading Change and Men as Allies Leading Change programs were developed.

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“If people think alike, then no matter how smart they are, they most likely will get stuck at the same locally optimal solutions. Finding new and better solutions – innovating – requires thinking differently. That’s why diversity powers innovation.

– Scott Page, author of The Difference, Princeton University Press