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Our pioneering approach to e-learning offers a dramatically different e-curriculum that uses current events, well-documented studies, and thought leadership to awaken and align your remote employees with in-house efforts aimed at reaping the financial, productivity, and customer-satisfaction benefits of Gender Partnership.

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IGP's sister organization, the Institute for Women's Leadership, was founded 25 years ago by Rayona Sharpnack and has taught over 20,000 men and women how to become exceptional leaders. Today they offer a range of programs on Leading by Context™, including their flagship program, Women Leading Change, out of which our Partners Leading Change and Men as Allies Leading Change programs were developed.

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“If people think alike, then no matter how smart they are, they most likely will get stuck at the same locally optimal solutions. Finding new and better solutions – innovating – requires thinking differently. That’s why diversity powers innovation.

– Scott Page, author of The Difference, Princeton University Press