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Wendy Haines

Wendy brings more than 15 years of experience to her transformational coaching and facilitation.  She is certified with the International Coaching Federation and is also Certified Somatic Coach. Wendy has a passion to create positive impact in the world and has been described as a visionary leader who calls out the best in people with a gift for bringing possibility to life.

Since 2003, as Founder of Illumine Education, Wendy has created and facilitated workshops empowering people in the arenas of personal and organizational success. Whether her clients are top-level executives or entrepreneurs, they praise the impact of Wendy’s inspiring and unique brand of leadership and authenticity.

Originally an actor and producer by profession, Wendy’s passion for cultivating Gender Partnership is informed by her time in the entertainment industry.  Driven to be a part of the solution, Wendy Founded the organization, iWe – Inclusion for Women in the (Entertainment) Industry.  This grassroots organization is unifying organizations and individuals working for gender parity across the industry.

Wendy’s work with us is a natural extension of her extensive experience and care for making a difference in the arena of gender.

Wendy has faced the challenge of a life-threatening illness and can attest to overcoming it through embracing it as an opportunity to learn and grow. As an avid athlete, and as her personal commitment to wholeness, she has taught martial arts, holding a blackbelt in Shotokan Karate, participated for three years in the 575-mile California AIDS (bicycle) Ride, and placed in the top ten in her first-ever triathlon.

Recognizing the power of bringing transformational and team building work to nature, Wendy leads purpose-filled adventures on the majesty of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.


IGP's sister organization, the Institute for Women's Leadership, was founded 25 years ago by Rayona Sharpnack and has taught over 20,000 men and women how to become exceptional leaders. Today they offer a range of programs on Leading by Context™, including their flagship program, Women Leading Change, out of which our Partners Leading Change and Men as Allies Leading Change programs were developed.

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“If people think alike, then no matter how smart they are, they most likely will get stuck at the same locally optimal solutions. Finding new and better solutions – innovating – requires thinking differently. That’s why diversity powers innovation.

– Scott Page, author of The Difference, Princeton University Press